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How to Onboard Entities From Xero
How to Onboard Entities From Xero
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Utilising the Xero integration for Cimplico Workpapers will make the workpaper preparation and review process more efficient and controlled. This integration automatically pulls the trial balance into your workpapers and keeps it up to date for you as data changes. Additionally, as you draft correcting journals during workpaper preparation and review, you can post these directly to Xero, ensuring data integrity between the two systems.

As you may have hundreds or even thousands of entities to bring in to Cimplico Workpapers, we've made the process of onboarding new entities and connecting existing entities to Xero as seamless as possible, allowing you to connect your entire Xero database in a few clicks.

Onboarding Steps

Head to the Entities screen via the Entities tab in the navbar. Here, you can see your current entities and add new ones.

Entities can be added by clicking the New Entity button, which will allow you to add entities manually or via Xero. This lesson will cover adding entities from Xero. For adding entities in-bulk via FYI, check out our FYI Docs article.

Clicking the New Entity button will show the below form, where you can change the Source to Xero.

When you click Connect to Xero it will take you to the Xero authentication screen.

Here you can select the entities you would like to onboard and click Continue with organisations.

This will then bring you back to our application where you will see an info box with a summary of actions to be performed. This onboarding flow will allow you to create new entities and/or connect existing entities to their Xero counterpart.

The table below the summary lists the authenticated Xero orgs on the left, with a select box on the right to allow you to optionally map it to an existing entity. Leaving the box blank will tell Cimplico Workpapers to create a new entity. If you accidentally selected entities you do not wish to connect to Cimplico Workpapers, simply uncheck the box on the left of the entity row.

πŸ“ We will automatically suggest mappings between authenticated Xero entities and existing entities with identical names.

Once you're happy with the selection, simply click Onboard. Depending on the number of entities you have selected the process may take a few minutes. A progress indicator will be displayed in the bottom-left corner of the screen during this time. Please do not leave the page until the process is complete.

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