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Features to maintain control and governance

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Don't leave things to chance, leverage automatic status updating, in-built role checks, locking of completed workpapers and more within Cimplico Workpapers to maintain control & governance.

Automatic status calculation

Never worry about manually setting a status again. As things change on worksheets, Cimplico Workpapers will automatically assess the changes and update the worksheet status accordingly.

In-built role checks

Having explicit preparer, reviewer, and approver roles on a workpaper allows Cimplico Workpapers to prevent certain users from performing unauthorised actions, such as reviewing worksheets.

Explicit certification process

An explicit certification process is enforced, which can only be completed once the criteria are satisfied. Similar to automatic status calculations on worksheets, certification criteria are also calculated by the system, preventing premature certification. If data changes after certification and before workpaper completion, the certification status will be revoked, ensuring accurate preparation of the workpaper.

History of events

See actions performed on a worksheet or other schedule via the history tab. This shows not only user actions performed but also when the system performs actions, such as automatically updating balances, changing worksheet status, etc.

Lock completed workpapers

Fully certified workpapers can be completed and locked, which will isolate the workpaper, including the trial balance, files, internal comments, etc. at that point in time. The workpaper can then be accessed in read-only mode, allowing users to refer to the information while preventing any updates or tampering.

Private workpapers

Workpapers that should not be accessible by all users within the firm can be made "private". Doing so will only allow the workpaper to be accessed by users that have been assigned to it.

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