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Learn the core concepts of Cimplico Workpapers

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Work through the guides to get set up, onboarded, and create & complete workpapers!

About Cimplico Workpapers

Cimplico Workpapers is a first-class, cloud-based solution to simplify the preparation of accounting compliance workpapers.
Using advanced logic and sophisticated algorithms, Cimplico Workpapers guides users throughout the preparation, review and approval process, ensuring compliance with quality standards efficiently.

As a solution built for modern accounting firms, it was integral that Cimplico Workpapers provided firms with a cloud solution focused on 3 primary aspects:

  • Control & Governance

  • Efficiency

  • Visibility

Control & Governance

Gain peace of mind knowing compliance workpapers are being completed following our rigid control & governance measures while maintaining the flexibility you need to operate, such as:

  • Configurable checklist and procedure templates at the firm-level

  • Role and entity-specific procedures

  • Explicit roles and inherent privileges in the app

  • Detailed audit trail of worksheet-related events

  • Automatic control checks to prevent the review and final certification of a workpaper if items are outstanding

  • Automatic update of review and certification status when data changes


Leverage the following efficiency-boosting features to optimise your firm's preparation of compliance workpapers:

  • Integrations

  • Advanced searching & filtering of data

  • Worksheet-specific checklist items

  • Automations (Coming soon)


Reduce the time spent requesting status updates on jobs and take advantage of Cimplico Workpapers to track progress on work, thanks to:

  • Firm-wide insights

  • Group and entity-specific workpaper tracking

  • Workpaper dashboard providing an overview of a specific workpaper's progress

  • KPIs and alerts (Coming soon)

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