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What makes Cimplico Workpapers great!
What makes Cimplico Workpapers great!

Understand the key features and how we're different from other workpaper solutions

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Trial-balance based

Full compliance worksheets are automatically generated from selected accounts in the trial balance to provide users with the ability to add commentary and supporting evidence on each worksheet.

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File management

Cimplico Workpapers supports the linking of files and external links to worksheets. Files can be stored and referenced from workpapers, entities or groups. Files can be viewed within the browser or downloaded using our controlled process indicating which files have been checked in or out of the system.

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Create correcting journals as you work on a workpaper or directly on a worksheet from within Cimplico Workpapers. If your workpaper is connected to a 3rd party accounting system, we'll post the journal to your accounting system to keep everything up-to-date.

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Customisable procedures & checklists

Checklists and procedures are built-in to the program, ensuring control and adherence to quality standards. Content is customisable, allowing firms to accommodate scenarios specific to their requirements.

Insights, instantly

Eliminate the need to chase up staff for status reports. Gain valuable insights into a workpaper instantly from its dashboard, including its progress, how progress is tracked relative to your due date, and any outstanding items.

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Internal comments & client queries

Create internal comments and raise client queries within a workpaper or directly on a worksheet as you work. With a thread-based system, you can easily communicate with your colleagues and keep your query responses up-to-date.


Don't leave things to chance, leverage automatic status updating, in-built role checks, locking of completed workpapers and more within Cimplico Workpapers to maintain control & governance.

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Integrate with world-leading cloud solutions for accountants to speed up and simplify your workflow.

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