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The pricing system for Cimplico Workpapers was designed to be as simple as possible for your firm to cost while providing a system that aligns with its value proposition. Cimplico Workpapers charges on an annual commitment of active entities. Don't worry, we'll clarify what an "active entity" and annual commitment means, and payment options.

The decision to price per active entity aims to serve as a simple way to factor the cost into a job (and to on-charge the cost to the client if you choose to). You can think of it as an additional fee involved with the compliance job, rather than thinking of the total bill as money out-of-pocket

Set up subscription


Only the firm administrator can access the Subscription & Billing page.

To get to the Subscription & Billing page, click the cog icon in the navbar.

Subscription & billing page

On this page, you will see four sections:

  • Plan

  • Active Entities

  • Quota

  • Billing


Check your current plan and its key pieces of information, such as:

  • Cost: Calculated based on your tier * number of active entities.

  • Commitment period: The start date and end date of your annual commitment period.

  • Billing period: The frequency of your billing (yearly or monthly)

Your plan can be changed at any time by clicking the Manage button in the Plan section and selecting a new plan and/or period.

Edit plan

Active entities

See where you're up to with your active entity limit, and add more entities as you need them.

To add entities, click the Manage button in the Active Entities section. A modal will appear allowing you to increase your entities immediately, or queue decreases for the next annual commitment period.

Update active entities


View your account's quotas on how much of a resource you're able to produce. Quotas are based on your subscription tier and can be changed by updating your subscription, as discussed in the Plan section.



Finally, launch into the billing page powered by Stripe to see your invoice history, manage payment methods, update billing information, and cancel your subscription (😒).


What is an "active entity"?

An "active entity" refers to an entity that has at least one workpaper created within the annual commitment period. Once a workpaper is created for an entity, that entity becomes "active".

What does an annual commitment involve?

A subscription is based on the number of "active entities" you will have during an annual period, i.e. you are charged on how many entities will have a workpaper created. The date when your subscription becomes active will become the start of your annual commitment period.

Why not charge based on usage?

We want to provide our clients with consistent and predictable billing that they can budget for, rather than producing varying bills. While there may be varying bills for the first annual commitment period as you add entities as they're required, by the end of the first annual commitment period you will have predictable billing.

Will I be able to change my active entities during an annual commitment period?

You will be able to add more active entities at any time! Adding more active entities will raise a bill for them immediately.

While you can queue reductions to your active entities, as you pre-pay for active entities this reduction will not take effect until the next annual commitment period.

Do I have to declare the number of active entities I require up-front?

Nope! When you sign up for Cimplico Workpapers you will be given a limit of 10 active entities during the trial period. Once the trial is complete or you choose to subscribe before the trial period is up, you can start your subscription with as many active entities as you would like, and as explained, this number can be incremented at any time you need.

Can I pay monthly?

While Cimplico Workpapers operates on an annual commitment basis, we offer payments up-front or in monthly instalments.


If you are paying in monthly instalments, increases to your active entities will charge you a pro-rated fee for the months elapsed since the start of the annual commitment, after which the bill will return to normal with the additional active entities. Decreases to your active entities will operate the same as under an annual billing system, whereby it will queue the decrease for the next annual commitment period.

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