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Generate comments and queries where they're relevant, either directly from a worksheet or general comments and queries for a workpaper.

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Context-specific or general

Create comments and queries without having to leave the worksheet screen. Doing this will link the communication to the worksheet, requiring the communication to be resolved to progress the worksheet to maintain governance and control. For non-specific communications, general comments and queries can also be created at the workpaper level, requiring general communications to be resolved to certify the workpaper.

Tag users, add bullet points, and format text

Be more specific with your communication by tagging users to notify them, formatting text with accents such as bold, italic, and underline, and listing items with the aid of bullet & numbered points.

Create client query lists

Draft queries as you prepare and review worksheets for an efficient workflow. When you're ready, you can export your drafted queries into a query list, which can be sent to the client.

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