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File Management

Take advantage of the convenience of a firm-wide file management system linked to your workpapers

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Hierarchical folder structure

Organise your files for optimal workpaper evidencing efficiencies. Cimplico Workpapers' file management system allows files to be stored against different levels within a folder hierarchy, these being: worksheet, workpaper, entity, or group.

Inter-entity file referencing

Use the advanced file system to navigate to and reference files from a variety of levels within the hierarchy. Group your entities together to enable file referencing between entities, either by navigating into an entity and referencing specific files, or storing files at the group-level for easy shared referencing.

In-browser file previewer

Eliminate the need to download viewable files, such as PDF and image files, simply to view the contents. Cimplico Workpapers provides an in-built file previewer, speeding-up the preparation and review workflow while enabling controls around versioning of files.

Reduce duplication with referencing

A single file can be referenced in multiple places, eliminating the need for files having to be re-uploaded several times. If the source file is replaced, all references will also be updated to reflect the most recent version of the file.

Version protection

Ensure you're looking at the most up-to-date files through an embedded check-out/in system. When a file is downloaded it's automatically marked as checked-out, alerting other users the file may not be finalised yet. The file can then be checked-in or the check-out status can be cleared.

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