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Fixing Invalid Invoices
Fixing Invalid Invoices

Sometimes Sync cannot create or update invoices in your Satellite entities as they may not meet the required format.

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No line items found on the group invoice

Every invoice needs at least one line item on the invoice to be processed. This is because Sync will find a Tracking Option on that line item to determine which Satellite entity to sync the invoice to. This may occur when creating invoices through XPM. To fix this, you will need to edit the invoice in the Group Entity and add a line item with a valid Tracking Option.

NOTE: invoices with a 0 total will not be processed, so the line item/s must not total to 0. After you edit the invoice/s, Sync will automatically re-sync them.

Cannot create or update this invoice as some line items have missing account codes. Please ensure every account includes a code

Sync will match accounts between the Group and Satellite entities via their account code. An account that does not have a code will prevent the invoice from syncing. You will need to ensure every account in your Group and Satellite Entities has a code.

After you've corrected your chart of accounts, you can re-sync any failed events from the Events page on

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