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Fixing Invoice Create Issues
Fixing Invoice Create Issues

Sometimes Sync cannot create invoices in your Satellite entities due to either unexpected errors or limitations.

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The contact with the specified contact details has been archived

For an invoice to be created it must be assigned to a contact in the Satellite entity that is active. You will need to find the contact in the Satellite entity and un-archive the contact.

Once this contact has been un-archived, you can select the failed event within the Events tab on and click 'Retry'. This will instruct Sync to try and sync your invoice again with the active contact.

Step 1

Head to the Contacts Page in Xero (Satellite Entity) and select the archived tab. Select the contact that needs to be unarchived.

Step 2

Click 'Restore' to unarchive the contact.

Step 3

Retry the failed event on the Sync Events Dashboard.

The Account Number already exists. Please enter a different Account Number

This error is most likely due to Sync trying to bring across a contact with an invoice, but a different contact in the Satellite already exists with that account number. This existing contact is most likely archived in the Satellite entity and therefore cannot be used. There are 2 approaches you can take:

  1. Unarchive the contact in the Satellite entity so it is active. After this, you can retry the failed event from the Events page in Sync.

  2. Edit the existing contact and remove the conflicting account number from the Satellite entity. After this, you can retry the failed event from the Events page in Sync.

Additional people cannot be added when the primary person has no email address set

When Sync creates an invoice in the Satellite entity, it will also attempt to bring across the assigned contact. If additional people are on this contact and the primary contact does not have an email address set, Sync cannot process the invoices.

There are 2 likely causes for this:

  1. If the primary contact does NOT have an email address in XPM or the Group entity, you will need to assign one to it. If the contact has no email address, you may need to 'fake' one to allow Sync to process its invoices.

  2. If the primary contact does have an email in XPM or the Group entity but does NOT in the Satellite entity and Sync is unable to reflect this, you will need to go into the Satellite entity and add in their email address manually. You can do this by selecting the contact and editing its details. Ensure the field Email field under Primary Person is filled in.

Once you have added an email address, you can re-sync any events that failed due to this from the Events screen on

Account {code} is not a valid code for this document

This issue may have occurred due to differences between the Group and Satellite(s) chart of accounts. There may be an account present in the Satellite that matches an account used on a line item/s on an invoice; however, Sync may not be able to assign it when syncing the invoice. These accounts are typically "System" accounts in Xero, bank accounts, or properties of the account may be incorrect. You will need to either edit the account in the Satellite entity to match the Group or use a different account on the line items. To read more about Xero system accounts, read here.

The document date cannot be before the period lock date

This issue occurs when the invoice you are trying to create is dated during a locked period in the Satellite entity. Sync won't be able to create the invoice until you either:

  1. Change the Group invoice to be dated after the Satellite lock period.

  2. Edit the period lock date in the Satellite entity to allow the invoice to be created

  3. Remove the period lock date in the Satellite entity.

You can read more about lock dates here.

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