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Setting Up Sync
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Please ensure your Xero files are configured correctly before setup. To streamline your Sync setup we recommend utilising an implementation partner, otherwise please follow our Preparing for Sync guide.

Creating Your Firm

Head over to the Sync Signup page and use your designated Xero account to signup. After signup, you will be prompted to enter your firm name. Following this, you will be redirected to a restricted Sync dashboard until you configure your subscription.

Starting Your Subscription

To configure your subscription, navigate to the Settings page. Here you can adjust the number of Satellite slots you would like to connect, starting from 2 (the minimum amount). A Group entity is automatically selected for you. Once you have selected your desired Satellite slots, click Proceed to Checkout.

Groups? Satellites? See our FAQ's to learn more about these.

Subscription Settings Page

You will be redirected to a secure Stripe checkout page where you can enter your payment information to begin your subscription.

Stripe Checkout Page

If your payment hasn't gone through straight away, don't worry, payments may take some time to process. Feel free to grab a coffee and refresh the page when you get back. If it's been more than 5 minutes and you still can't access the Sync dashboard please contact support at [email protected].

When your payment goes through, you will see the following and you can begin connecting your entities:

Sync View and Edit Subscription

Connecting Your Entities

Head over to the Entity Setup page to begin connecting your entities.

Please note: We require you to use a single Xero account when connecting your Group and Satellite entities. Using multiple Xero accounts to authorise your Group and Satellite entities will result in an error.

We recommend you use the Xero account you used for signup to connect your entities. To do this, you may need to invite this account to your Group and Satellites entities in Xero.

You first need to connect your Group. Start this by clicking the Connect to Xero button and authorising the Group entity through Xero's authorisation process. You will be redirected back to the Group setup where you will see the Group entity already filled in the dropdown. The final step will be to select the Tracking Category that contains all of your Tracking Options that will be used to tag your invoices. To learn more about Tracking Categories, Tracking Options and tagging, check out Preparing For Sync. When you're all done, click Save Entity.

You will be redirected to the Entity Setup screen, where you will see your Group entity filled in. Below this, you will see an empty table that prompts you to add your Satellite entities. Similar to the Group setup, you will need to authorise your Satellite entity and select the corresponding Tracking Option. You will need to repeat this process for all your Satellite entities. At the bottom of the Satellite Entities table, you will see a count with the number of slots you have remaining. If you would like to add more slots, you can do so through the Settings page.

You're All Set!

That's it! Now it's time to put through a test invoice. When events are processed through Sync you will see them show up on the Events page with their sync result. Please note, Success events are filtered-out by default. To see success events, enable them in the filters above the Events table.

We hope you enjoy using Cimplico Sync! If you have any questions, concerns, or feedback, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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