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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. What is a 'Group' Entity

A group entity is a Xero file specifically set up to use with Sync. This file is where all of your invoicing will be done. Sync will process any invoices generated from this Group entity and sync them to their designated Satellite entity. Any invoices made from a Satellite Entity will NOT be processed. Please ensure all of your invoices are generated out of the Group Entity.

Q. Why do Tracking Categories matter?

Sync uses tracking categories to determine which Satellite entity an invoice needs to go to. Generating an invoice without a Tracking Category will prevent it from being processed by Sync.

Q. Can I use Sync from the Satellite entities to the Group Entity?

No, Cimplico Sync will only sync changes that occur within the Group entity. Any changes made to your Satellite entities will not be synced to the Group entity. Changes made within the Satellite entities may also be overwritten as the Group entity acts as the single source of truth.

Q. How many Satellite entities can I have?

You may configure as many Satellite entities as you wish above the 2 Satellite minimum. We recommend engaging with our implementation partner first to determine how many entities you will need and the best way to configure them. We have an article outlining the implementation services offered.

Q. How long will it take to sync my invoices, payments, or contacts?

Sync aims to process your Xero resources in real-time. If there a lot of events to process, Sync will queue them up and process them as fast as it can.

Q. Can credit notes be unallocated?

Unfortunately, at this time credit notes cannot be unallocated by Sync. If you need to un-allocate a credit note, please do so in the Satellite Entity in Xero. After you un-allocate, it is best practice to 'retry' the failed event from the Events table on the Sync dashboard.

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