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Joining a firm
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Join firm from email invite

When your firm admin invites you to the firm, you will receive an email notifying you of the invite. Here you can ensure you have been invited to the correct firm and can click Go to firm to accept the invite and be launched into the firm in Cimplico Workpapers.

πŸ’‘ Note

If you see a message stating the invite is invalid, it means the firm admin has deleted your invite before you accepted.

Join firm from account signup

Following on from the previous lesson, once your account is created you'll see the following where you can select to Join a Firm:

Join firm step 1

When Join a Firm is selected, you can click Continue to view any pending invites to your account.

Currently, you can only join firms you have first been invited to by the firm admin.

Once you've clicked to join a firm, you will see the invites page, listing any pending invites sent to your account. You can choose to Accept or Decline invites.

πŸ’‘ Note

Cimplico Workpapers allows users to belong to multiple firms, which you can swap between within the app.

Join firm step 2

Once you accept an invite, you will automatically be launched into the firm.

If you're looking to create a firm, you can click the I need to create a new firm link under the invites table and follow our Creating a firm guide.

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