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FYI Setup
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Before you begin

  1. Ensure you have a Workpapers cabinet in FYI. Any files filed against this cabinet will be automatically pulled into Cimplico Workpapers.

  2. Ensure you have created Jobs in FYI to link to workpapers in our system to allow files to appear within the workpaper.

πŸ’‘ Note

Integrations can only be configured by the Admin of the firm.

Configuring the integration

Follow the below to connect your Cimplico Workpapers firm to FYI:

Link FYI and Cimplico Workpapers

  1. In FYI, click the Automation tab

  2. Go to Apps.

  3. Find the Cimplico Workpapers integration tile and click the cog icon.

    Cimplico Workpapers integration tile
  4. From here, you can click the Create new secret button, which will bring up a modal with your secret key. Copy this key!

    New secret
    New secret modal
  5. From Cimplico Workpapers, go to your Firm Settings via the cog icon in the top-right of the navbar.

    Firm Settings Page
  6. From the Firm Settings page, click the Integrations tab -> click the Configure button on the FYI tile.

    FYI integration tile
  7. Here, you can then paste your secret key in the first field.

    FYI integration setup page
  8. Back in FYI, copy your access key and paste in the second field in Cimplico Workpapers.

Configure default cabinet

  1. Once the keys have been accepted, you will now be able to select your default cabinet.

    FYI default cabinet

Once you have confirmed your default cabinet the setup is complete and you will see the below screen:

FYI completed setup

Congratulations - you've now successfully set up your FYI Integration! πŸ₯³

Check out our FYI Onboarding article for a guide on bringing in Groups, Entities, and Users from FYI. Also see our article on using FYI documents within Cimplico Workpapers.

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