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Fixing Tracking Issues
Fixing Tracking Issues

This article lists some common Tracking Category & Options issues and the steps required to resolve them.

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Invoice has no tracking

Sync requires every Invoice to have a tracking category that was configured during your Firms setup with Sync. If an invoice doesn't have this assigned category, it can't be synced to a Satellite entity.

You can check which tracking was configured by going to the Entity Setup page on

You will need to edit the failed invoice and assign a tracking option to resolve this error. For instance, the above tracking category is 'Entity', so the invoice will need this Category to be selected with either the option 'Sat 1' or 'Sat 2' to sync. When you apply this edit, Sync will automatically attempt to sync the invoice to the destination Satellite entity.

If it's important an invoice remains without an assigned tracking option, you are able to select the errored event within the Events tab on and select "Mark as Resolved" to remove the event as an error from your dashboard.

No satellite entity was found with the tracking option

If the invoice contains the configured Tracking Category but its option has not been assigned to a Satellite entity, you will see this issue. If you would like to use this Tracking Option, you will need to either add a new Satellite entity and assign the option to it; or, you will need to remove an existing Satellite entity and re-add it with the correct option.

If the wrong Option was selected, you can simply edit the invoice with the correct Tracking Option and Sync will automatically retry creating the invoice.

To view your configured Options go to the Entity Setup page on

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