Bulk-add entities
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Now that you have configured your subscription and added your users, let's import your entities! If you would prefer entities to be added on-demand by staff as they're needed instead, we cover adding entities in more detail in Creating Entities.

Bulk import

From the Entities tab, click the New Entity action button.

Entities screen

You will then see the below screen where you can select your import method. Ensure Manual is selected, and tick Yes to the import bulk question.

Bulk-add entities

The bulk import accepts a CSV file, for which we provide a template. You can access this template via the Download Template button.

๐Ÿ’ก Note

Pay attention to the requirements listed above the Download Template button to ensure a smooth import.

Once you've filled in the CSV, simply drag-and-drop it onto the Upload filled-in template (.csv) drop zone. You will be notified of any errors at this point also. Once the import is accepted, you can then click the Create Entities action button.

Now you have your entities in Cimplico Workpapers, let's group these entities up in bulk in the next lesson!

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