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Check a workpaper's overall progress from a firm-level and drill-down into a workpaper for a detailed breakdown of progress and roadblocks.

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Firm-wide visibility

See a breakdown of total workpaper progress across a firm, or head to the group or entity overview pages to see where active workpapers are at.

Detailed progress breakdown

Jump into a workpaper to see a dashboard, breaking down a workpaper's progress by its key components. Use the dashboard to kick-off your workflow, by quickly assessing the work remaining and any items that need to be addressed.

Progress tracking made simple

Set due dates for workpapers and track your progression over time to see if you're on-track to complete it before its due date. Our Workpaper Progress Insight chart is simple, keep your actual progress below the grey linear progression line and in the green zone!

Visibility over blockers

Keep a pulse on common “blockers” in a workpaper, such as outstanding internal comments & client queries, and checked-out files. View blockers ordered by time outstanding, making it simple for items to be to triaged and addressed.

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