General 4/7: Navigating the firm in Cimplico Workpapers

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In case you missed it, last lesson we walked through joining a firm in Cimplico Workpapers as a user.

Once you've created or joined your firm, you'll be brought to the Firm Management view within Workpapers. 

Cimplico Workpapers is a firm workpapers solution. What does that mean? While you may do a workpaper for an entity, how do you manage all of your entities? How do you group your entities so they can share data with one another? How do you manage your various users and integrations? Firm Management is the answer!


Figure 1: Workpapers firm management view - Groups

Firm Management within Cimplico Workpapers is a layer that sits above the workpaper portion of the application that allows you to manage:

  • Groups
  • Entities
  • Workpapers
  • Your User Profile
  • Procedure Templates (admin only)
  • Checklist Templates (admin only)
  • Users (admin only)
  • Integrations (admin only)
  • Settings (admin only)

At the Firm Management level users can manage the various clients and configurations to organise and simplify the workpapering process, while admins can manage users, firm integrations, firm settings, and billing.

For this article, we'll briefly touch on the aspects of firm management that all users have access to: Groups, Entities, Workpapers, and Profile.


By default, you'll land on the Groups screen (Figure 1), where you can browse the current groups; search, sort, and filter; and add a new group(s)

By clicking on a group name you'll be able to view more detail on the group, such as the entities within the group, active workpapers, and settings.

We cover groups in more detail in General 6/7: Creating Groups.


Similar to the Groups screen, the Entities screen lets you browse the current entities; search, sort, and filter; and add a new entity (or entities).

Figure 2: Workpapers firm management view - Entities

By clicking an entity name, you'll be able to view more detail on the entity, such as the entity type, active workpapers, and settings.

We cover entities in more detail in General 6/7: Creating Entities.


Similar to the Groups and Entities screen, the Workpapers screen lets you browse the current active workpapers, and completed/archived workpapers; search, sort, and filter; and add a new workpaper.

Figure 3: Workpapers firm management view - Workpapers

When you click a workpaper's name/period you'll launch into the workpaper view, which will be covered in detail in the Learn Workpapers - Preparing a workpaper set of lessons.

We also cover workpapers in more detail in General 7/7: Creating workpapers.


In the top right corner, you will see your initials. This is how you access your profile to view/update your personal information, view your active work, and logout.

Figure 4: Profile options

Figure 5: Workpapers firm management view - Profile - Active Work

From the Active Work view, you can see the workpapers you're assigned to and their progress, and then launch into the workpaper you want to work on by clicking the name/period.

Next: General 5/7: Creating entities

Now that you've got your bearings around Cimplico Workpapers, let's create an entity!

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