General 6/7: Creating groups

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In the previous lesson we covered what entities are and how to create them in Workpapers!

Groups are crucial to Workpapers and open up several features to save your staff time in the preparation of workpapers. So what are groups? Put simply, groups are collections of entities.

In Workpapers an entity can only belong to 1 group.

Why use groups?

Currently, groups serve as a way of siloing entities to facilitate inter-entity actions, such as inter-entity file referencing. We have big plans to tackle issues such as inter-entity reconciliation and add deeper reporting & insights where groups will be integral.

Creating a group in Workpapers

To see your current groups and to create new groups, head to the Groups tab in the Firm Management section.

Figure 1: Groups page

Groups can be added manually by clicking the New Group button in Figure 1, or via our FYI integration by clicking the arrow next to the New Group button (Note: The arrow will only appear if you have setup your FYI Integration in your firm settings). This lesson will cover adding groups manually. For adding groups via FYI, check out our Onboarding from FYI article.

When you click the New Group button you'll see the following form:

Figure 2: New manual group form

Groups require the following basic information for setup:

  • Group name
  • Description (optional)
  • Entities (optional)

Entities are optional in case you'd like to create your groups now and allocate entities to them later.

Currently we are not offering bulk creation of groups; however this is in our roadmap and coming soon!

Managing your group

Once your group is added, it will appear in the list of groups on the Groups page. From here you can delete groups, or view more information on a group.

Figure 3: Groups actions

Let's check out the group overview screen. You can access this by clicking the name of the group. After doing this you'll see the following:

Figure 4: Group overview - Entities

Like the entity overview screen in the previous lesson, you can edit your group's details, view active workpapers, and manage integration settings and default procedure and checklist templates (coming soon). Additionally, you can see a list of entities within the group in the Entities tab (Figure 4) and even create new entities from here. By clicking the entity name you will be taken to the entity overview screen seen in the previous lesson.

The Active Workpapers tab shows a list of active workpapers for all entities within the group to give you an overview of workpaper progress at the group level. To jump into a specific workpaper, simply click the workpaper name. You can also create a new workpaper for an entity within the group (covered in Setup 7/8: Creating a workpaper).

Figure 5: Group overview - Active Workpapers

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So you have your entities and groups setup, how about we create some workpapers!

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