Starting your free trial

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Follow the steps below to start your free trial.

1.    Head to

2.    You'll have the opportunity to create an account with an email and password, or Continue with Xero to use your Xero account to login.

It is recommended firms use a practice email in the case employee accounts cannot be accessed.

If you do have an existing account and wish to create a new firm, please contact us at for assistance.

3.    Enter your firm name and click "Create Firm". If your firm administrator has already created a firm, you can view your invites and join a firm by following the link below the Create Firm button.

4.    Provide an estimate of your active entities. Active entities are the number of entities that will have workpapers prepared in a 12-month period. More information on active entities can be found below.

The active entity figure will be used for billing purposes once the trial has ended. You may wish to enter a low number initially. This figure can be adjusted during the trial period if more active entities are required; however, once the trial has ended the final figure will be used to begin your subscription. At this point you'll be able to add more active entities immediately, but if you'd like to reduce the number it will not take effect until the next billing period.

5.    Complete the Stripe checkout and click "Start Trial".

Once you click Start Trial your 30-day free trial will be activated, giving you access to all features!

What are "active entities"

The billing for workpapers works on an annual commitment basis, where the active entity figure is the number of entities that will have at least one workpaper created within the annual commitment period. Once a workpaper is created for an entity, that entity becomes "active".

Note: When creating your firm in Cimplico Workpapers, you will be prompted to enter your firm's active entities. This number will be your firm's initial minimum annual commitment (i.e. the minimum number of entities you will be billed for). Once your firm is created, your firm Admin or a Manager can increase the firm's active entities subscription which will take effect immediately. However, reducing the number of active entities will queue the change for it to take effect in the next annual commitment period.

From here, it is recommended the firm admin proceeds with the following:

  1. Setting up integrations
  2. Setup firm procedures and checklist 
  3. Configure subscription to take effect after the trial period ends.
  4. Invite users to the firm

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