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This article outlines the learning paths for all staff, including: administrators, preparers, reviewers, and approvers. Lesson articles feature a written breakdown and screenshots, and will soon be accompanied by short video tutorials also.

Lessons have been split into small articles focusing on different aspects of Cimplico Workpapers with the below outlining the suggested lessons in their recommended order.


  1. Creating a firm
  2. Managing users
  3. Setting up your firm's procedures
  4. Setting up your firm's checklists [Coming soon]
  5. Integrations [Coming soon]


  1. What is a workpaper?
  2. Creating an account
  3. Joining a firm
  4. Navigating the firm in Cimplico Workpapers
  5. Creating entities
  6. Creating groups
  7. Creating Workpapers

Completing a workpaper

  1. What's involved in a workpaper?
  2. Dashboard overview
  3. Trial balance basics
  4. Using search, sort, and filter
  5. Worksheet overview
  6. Reconciling a worksheet
  7. Adding & referencing files on a worksheet
  8. Worksheet checklists
  9. Adding a comment to a worksheet
  10. Creating a client query for a worksheet
  11. Worksheet history
  12. Reviewing a worksheet
  13. Other schedules overview
  14. Procedures overview
  15. Files overview
  16. Browsing the file system
  17. Adding files, links, and references
  18. Files actions
  19. Internal comments overview
  20. Client queries overview
  21. Certifying a workpaper

Alternatively, you can browse all our learning resources here.

Training via an implementor

It can be difficult and burdensome managing the training of all your staff on a new software. We recommend using an implementor to relieve yourself from this responsibility. Check out our article Using an implementor for more information about leveraging an implementor.

If you're ready to gain greater control, efficiency, and visibility over the preparation of accounting compliance workpapers, signup now!

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