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Welcome to the Creation to Completion course! πŸŽ“
Welcome to the Creation to Completion course! πŸŽ“
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The course consists of a series of lessons covering all the key components involved with taking a workpaper from creation to completion. While the course is long, it's been split into smaller lessons to allow for each aspect of the workpaper to be covered in detail.

As a primer, it's encouraged you watch our quick walkthrough video, summarising the key components of a workpaper.

After watching this, you should have a basic understanding of what the following are:

  • Dashboard

  • Procedures

  • Trial balance

  • Worksheet

  • Other schedules

  • Internal comments

  • Client queries

These represent the key components of a workpaper that affect its completion status.

We'll cover each of these components in more detail throughout this course, so don't worry if there was something in the video that didn't make sense yet!

This course contains everything you need to experience the superior control & governance, efficiency, and visibility of Cimplico Workpapers to level up the preparation of workpapers.

Let's not delay it anymore, head to the first lesson to see what's involved in a workpaper!

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